About Us


Little Feet Safety Systems LLC uses a unique technology designed to address a current gap in the market, which is a consumer-friendly boundary management system, or machinery accident prevention (MAP) system. The system can be applied to any home area, appliance, equipment, or machinery that has potential danger.

The purpose of the technology is to provide a user with the ability to manage and ultimately prevent injury 

to themselves or bystanders with an adjustable boundary

range to potentially dangerous conditions.


To empower parents and operators in creating a safer

environment for children to thrive and learn about the world around them.


The MAP system is provided to prevent accidents in which a potentially hazardous machine, appliance, or equipment will injure a bystander, pet, or operator. This is accomplished with the two components of the system, a wearable and a base unit connected to the machinery. In the system's basic form the wearable and the base unit are programmable via a smart phone app to modify range settings and actions to be taken, such as providing a visual/audio alert on the wearable at a certain proximity and/or interrupting power of potentially hazardous machinery before an injury can occur. 

The technology is capable of much more utility to alert operators of other unsafe conditions. This technology can be utilized across a wide range of industries to improve awareness of unobserved risk to operators and bystanders, as well as teach children risk assessment at an early age, without a catastrophic injury lesson. 

This technology is not manufacturer dependent and can be affixed to potential hazards in minutes. The wearable for children has added utility that parents will come to rely on, and children will embrace. Technology to protect our children can now leave the crib, as they do, and protect them as toddlers. This technology is literally "the eyes in the back of the head" our parents said they had.


Machinery Accident Prevention System